VPSCheap Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

We’re happy to announce that it is now possible to get your VPSCheap server by paying with Bitcoins. We strongly believe in the future of Blockchain-based technologies and we want to give our customers the chance to use the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Drop us a note if you have any questions about this new …

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Linux & cPanel Security News (Updated August 2017)

As a committed Linux shop, VPSCheap technicians are always up-to-date on the latest vulnerabilities, as well as other security-related news, coming from the Linux world. Furthermore, as official cPanel partners, we’re always keeping a close eye on new updates and security releases. We’ve published, and continue to publish, security news of key relevance for both …

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Security notice for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is affected by a newly-discovered vulnerability in linux-lts-trusty. The kernel is not currently limiting the RLIMIT_STACK size, which would allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code in some cases. Also, SELinux was discovered not to handle empty writes to /proc/pid/attr in the proper way. This would also allow local attackers to execute code. Both vulnerabilities are …

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