IBM buys RedHat – Possible implications for users

IBM’s acquisition of RedHat was initially announced in October 2018 and sent shockwaves through the open-source community. In May, the deal was approved by the US Department of Justice, which allowed IBM to close it earlier this month. The value of the deal was $34 million, or $190 per share. Considering that RedHat shares were …

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The new cPanel pricing model and its implications

The news that cPanel has decided to move to a new pricing model, resulting in significant price hikes for most customers, has shocked the hosting world. Most of the important hosting companies depend heavily on WHM/cPanel, especially for shared packages. The platform has become so popular that it is now considered a standard, and most …

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New Exim vulnerability affecting millions – how to protect yourself

Vulnerabilities are discovered very often in various computer programs, and most of them are quickly patched by developers. Typical vulnerabilities disappear almost un-noticed, since they are fixed by routine update schedules. In fact, most vulnerabilities are never exploited, since they are discovered by security professionals rather than hackers, or are very difficult to execute. However, …

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