AutoSSL was launched as a cPanel feature last year. It allows for the automatic generation of domain-validated SSL certs in any accounts in which it has been enabled. More recently, the feature is also integrated with Let’s Encrypt.

We will write a post about the caveats of using Let’s Encrypt later down the road, but today we want to focus on an announcement cPanel just made at the end of last week.

One of the limitations of AutoSSL was that it didn’t automatically work for proxy subdomains, which are the automatically-generated subdomains for accessing cPanel services.

For example, the typical proxy subdomain for port 2086 is

Starting in version 64, AutoSSL will also add the proxy subdomains to the certificates it generates.

In order to take advantage of this feature, make sure you’re running cPanel on a supported OS (CentOS 6 or 7), and proceed to upgrade to the latest version.