If you search for the ‘best VPS server hosting on the internet, you will probably get confused with all the industry jargon and technical terms. The most significant benefit of using Linux is it is open-source. Over half of the VPS server runs on Linux. It implies that many hosting companies develop various cost-effective VPS hosting packages with greater flexibility.

So, how to choose the Linux VPS hosting provider in this marketplace? I will let you know about this in this blog.

So, what is Cheap Linux VPS Hosting?

It is a virtual private network that uses a Linux operating system. Anyone can easily add, delete or customize any feature as per their need in Linux VPS; thus, it is highly flexible.

In many aspects, Linux is better than Windows because of its performance, security, stability, and cost-effectiveness. In Linux, software updates can be done easily and quickly. Most users prefer cheap Linux VPS hosting over a dedicated or shared network. Linux hosting is better than a shared network, as users are not supposed to suffer from downtime because of another website shared on the same network. Also, this option is cheaper than a dedicated server you may not need.

Key features of a perfect VPS hosting provider

If you want to go with VPS hosting, you should check the various features of the hosting provider before making your decision. Let’s review some of the salient features of a perfect hosting provider:

High server uptime

Nobody would like frequent downtime, and uptime shows the reliability of your hosting provider. It is usually measured in percentage. For instance, if a service provider guarantees 99% uptime, then this implies that the server will not remain down for more than 7 hours. The higher the uptime, the more reliable your website will be for your clients. Uptime is essential for both your brand and the search engine. Ensure that the hosting provider you choose should provide an uptime guarantee in terms of service.


Speed plays a pivotal role in website ranking. Web server speed is different from website speed. The former represents how long your server takes to respond to a query. It represents the quality of service your web hosting is providing. While companies make changes in web page to increase speed, such tweaks do not apply to web servers. It solely depends on a web host.

Managed or Unmanaged

VPS hosting is very technical. That’s why many hosting providers will give you an option between managed and unmanaged Linux VPS plans. If you want to emphasize more on growing and building of your website, go with managed VPS.

In Managed VPS plan, your hosting provider will take responsibility for technical upkeep in your VPS account. That means you don’t have to deal with the technical part, allowing you to focus more on your business.

Not all VPS hosting providers will give you managed and unmanaged options. They may be reluctant for managed VPS because of various reasons. Check this with your hosting provider before making a deal.

Customer Support

It is the most vital part of the Cheap VPS Hosting Providers. No one would like to wait longer to get a response. You need to check the customers’ support of the hosting provider before signing up for the service.

Also, please enquire about the communication channels to reach out support team. While a ticketing system is quite typical, some hosting companies may provide you with channels like live chat, a knowledge base, phone support, etc.

Back up

It is a wise idea to have a solid backup of your website. You need to check this feature with your VPS hosting provider. Many companies have their backup services, but their range may differ.
For instance, how frequently they take the backup, the data retention period, how easily you can restore data from the backup, whether it is automated, and more. It will help if your service provider offers a broader range of options for backup.


While all Linux VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting, there are still some differences that you can notice between various providers. For instance, hosting providers offering cloud-based solutions are more secure. Any problem with security can not only lead to financial loss but can also damage the reputation of your brand. It is the major point you must consider while choosing your VPS plan.

Bottom Line

You must have a strong partner who can fulfill all your website needs. Failing to choose the best reliable Linux VPS hosting service provider may lead to a significant loss.

Make a list of the essential features for your website and discuss the same with the service provider. Remember, cutting too many corners in cost may increase your hours trying to fix issues in the future.