The latest version of cPanel is out, and as usual we bring you the highlights and things to keep in mind.

  • Application manager launched
    • This new feature allows you to deploy and manage Ruby applications in your account
  • File manager UI changed (again)
    • This time, it does seem that the update was for the better
  • Remote incremental backups are now fully supported
    • You can use Google Drive to store your backups, among other options
  • WordPress plugin released
    • This allows you to manage WP installations right from cPanel
  • Get notified of abusive email users
    • You can set a daily email threshold, and if a user exceeds it you’ll get an email alert. This has always been a critical component of coping with SPAM issues, but never before it’s been made available as a native cPanel feature.

As usual, you can read the rest of the notes in the official cPanel site.