cPanel 70 hit the release phase a few days ago.

As with any other cPanel major release, it comes with a bunch of changes and improvements. We’ll be discussing the most important ones in this post.

First of all, MySQL 5.7 is now the default database engine. This is major. MySQL 5.7 has been around for a few years now, but until now cPanel had only supported the 5.6 engine. You can now use MySQL 5.7, but it is still recommended that you switch to MariaDB’s equivalent of MySQL 5.7, which is MariaDB 10.2

Secondly, cPHulk, cPanel’s brute force protection feature, now supports country blocking and/or whitelisting. If you don’t expect users from any particular country to be logging into your servers, you can block that country entirely.

Another feature that is now being enabled by default is SpamAssassin for all email accounts that are handled via cPanel.

Finally, additional AutoSSL settings at the global level are being added. More specifically, you can now disable different kinds of AutoSSL notifications for all users.