cPanel has just announced that in a bit over a year from now, on Dec 31st 2018, EasyApache will reach end of life.

This EOL date was intentionally chosen to align with PHP 5.6’s deprecating, which is also scheduled for 12/31/2018.

There’s still one year to go, but a number of things should be noted right now, in preparation for the change.

  • Those who are still using FastCGI or Tomcat need to stay with EA3 for the time being, as support in EA4 is only beta. This should be corrected in the coming months.
  • cPanel version 76 (to be released mid-2018) will be the last one to fully support EA3
  • EA3 will be gone in cPanel version 78, so anyone who upgrades to 78 will automatically stop using EA3

In the meantime, the folks over at cPanel might need to address performance issues with EA4 that have been reported in various forums and communities.