There’s no doubt about it: security matters. It is what distances your server from potentially catastrophic outcomes.

In a world where Internet security isn’t getting any better, making sure that your cheap VPS server is protected against attackers and other malicious actors is of utmost importance.

With that in mind, we’re presenting a blog series on security. We focus on Linux distributions, particularly CentOS, and we cover a wide range of topics.

In this post series, you’ll learn about optimal security practices as a server administrator. You’ll also learn how to harden your server against attackers, and how to prevent software vulnerabilities from affecting you.

This page will be updated whenever we publish a new post in the series.

So far, we’ve published the following:

The Importance of SSH Keys and How to Create Them

The Importance of SSH Keys and How to Create Them – Part II

How to Set Up an Alternative SSH User

How to use and manage iptables on CentOS 7