When we consider web hosting, Linux and Windows both come with the inherent traits of their desktop counterparts. However, many features of Linux make it superior to that of Windows and thus more appealing for the users. This is especially true when discussing Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Linux has made its identity in server-based operations. Since its inception as freeware in the 1990s, till now it has shown its multiple flavors. Overall it is a cost-effective, efficient, and flexible operating system.

What is Linux hosting?

It is all about using Linux OS for a web hosting server. OS plays a pivotal role in running any device, including servers. It acts as a medium because all hardware can communicate and respond to the request of applications.

Also, for any single-user device, OS is important. For web servers, the role of the OS becomes more important as it is supposed to manage all hardware for various users. Below are some of the roles of Linux OS which will make you know more about it:

  • Managing applications
  • Controlling Input/output operations
  • Identifying and handling errors.
  • Resource allocation.

Top features of the best VPS server hosting?

Guaranteed Resources

This is the key benefit of Linux hosting, as it provides dedicated allocation to all resources. It provides efficient service at a pocket-friendly price. Users can get the freedom to choose disk space and storage, RAM, and monthly data transfers.

Root Access

VPS comes up with dedicated-server-like functions and purposes; this gives power to users to run their operating system, control reselling services, and install applications.

Scalable Hosting

It’s frequently said that scalable systems are chosen in business atmospheres. With VPS hosting services, you encourage your website to be scalable. Scalability pertains to the capacity to deal with sudden, raised workloads on servers, commonly by employing repetitive system resources. Whether your company is in a hyper-growth manner or wants to organize a thriving quantity of workloads, the best VPS server hosting ensures that you can gauge success.

Multiple choice of OS

Every user has their own choice of going with either Linux or Windows OS. But before you choose your VPS hosting distributor, it seems advisable to understand which kind of VPS setting you will require to operate your applications. Linux hosts a completely distinct function from Windows but necessarily has its advantages. If you use PERL, Python, or Ruby, Linux is a very preferred setting.

Round the clock support and service monitoring

Your VPS hosting package will come up with 24*7 technical support and monitoring. Some companies provide a money-back guarantee based on the hosting provider you choose. Hence to avail the true benefits of Linux hosting, companies should contact a reliable provider who can fulfill all their customized needs related to Linux hosting.


When you want to scale up your business and think about increasing the number of resources without any downtime, you should prefer Linux hosting. It can cope with the server’s enhanced traffic and give you the desired scalability and productivity that you always expect from any server.


Linux is more stable than other operating systems, as it has fewer chances of crashes and errors. Also, it doesn’t need to be re-started frequently, which implies lower downtime. There is no surprise that many Linux VPS servers have been operating successfully for many years without any failure. In Linux VPS hosting, it is possible to do modifications in any file without any reboot. Windows, on the contrary, needs a reboot, even in case of any minor changes.

In Linux, even in case of any abnormal behavior, the user can give a suitable command which sends the signal and thus prevent any disturbance in system performance.


Linux allows users to do multi-tasking; thus, they can run multiple programs simultaneously. Many other operating systems may not have such a feature. In Linux, when a user is working on one program, the other program can run in the background without any issues. Such a feature results in greater efficiency.


Windows was in the debate because of its lack of privacy, as they gathered much information about the user for their profiling. Linux demands little information about the user. Also, it is highly customizable; hence users can remove the applications they don’t trust.


Linux VPS hosting comes up with various features, and being open-source, it is preferred by many business persons. Active developers always back it for making improvements. It also provides various tools which help users to do server management task without any trouble. Using a virtual private server will surely be a good decision that can act as a helping hand in your business success journey.

So are you ready to choose cheap Linux VPS hosting? If yes, then go for it, as it offers numerous features which other OS may lack.