Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting which creates an environment of dedicated server within shared server. VPS has gained popularity because of its cost-effective nature, as compared to dedicated hosting. This server is secure, reliable and performs better than shared hosting. Also, in VPS user get access to server, which allow him to install any application and do some changes without approaching the hosting provider.

VPS is often preferred by SaaS providers, programmers, game makers and companies who are looking for safe and cost-effective backup environment.

How best cheap VPS hosting works?

Are you aware of VMware or Virtualbox? If yes, then the best cheap VPS hosting works on the same principle. It allows you to run virtualized operating system from one device. For instance, if your computer is working on ‘X’ OS, but still you can run other operating systems like Windows or Linux without reconfiguring or restarting your system. In VPS all such things become possible through hypervisor. It is a computer hardware, firmware, or software which runs virtual machine through separation of existing hardware from the operating system and other applications.

The hypervisor gives virtual operating system to each guest machine (website which uses VPS) and execute guest operating system. Such process does optimum utilization of available computer resources like bandwidth, processor cycles and memory space.

Through hypervisor VPS hosting utilize physical server and provides emulated server (VM) to all websites. Physical center is usually present in a data center which is further divided into different virtual compartments. Each compartment is given on rent and contains separate server compartment, and thus each unit functions as an individual unit.

Through VPS it is possible to enjoy the benefits of dedicated server without paying much. Users can install any software and can run in the OS. Each user’s software is separately installed without interfering with the functionality of other users.

Different types of VPS hosting

Unmanaged VPS

In this VPS, the web hosting provider is only responsible for installation of operating system, being a site owner you need to take care of other aspects of server which includes:

  • Installation of software, control panel and managing software updates.
  • Security threats monitoring, security patches installation and fixing error problems.
  • In case of hardware failure or outage, user needs to manage everything without expecting any support from the host.
  • Maintenance and configuration of server which includes updates which you might require to see.
  • User is solely responsible for setting up site backup services.

Managed VPS

Site owners which are not technically savvy or have a smaller staff can go with managed VPS. In this most of the things are taken care of IT professionals on behalf of you. They are responsible for running the server correctly and take care of everything. Below are some aspects
which you can expect from the web hosting provider:

  • Initial server setup: While launching VPS network there are few steps which needs to be taken care of. This includes installation of control panel, operating system, server software and application installation.
  • Update: Professional team will take care of all system updates and will fine tune the server according to your work.
  • Security patches: Professionals will install the security patches and core server
  • Monitoring: Detection of hardware failure or malicious attack will be taken care of by professionals.
  • Automated backups: In case anything goes wrong in the website, you can retrieve the previous version.

The main tradeoff between the managed and unmanaged VPS hosting is the cost vs flexibility. Unmanaged VPS is much cheaper than the managed one, but you need to be technically sound to take care of everything. If that is not the condition, then it’s better to hire professionals to protect your website from potential attacks and keep it up and running smoothly.

Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS servers allow users to work like their own virtual machine without investing in a dedicated server. Let’s know some of the benefits of VPS hosting:

Customization: Through VPS users will have their own OS and thus can customize it as per their needs. If you have your own server applications like PhP to MySQL, Apache, customization can be done as per the need of the server.

Control: During application installation it is always required to restart the system to finalize the installation process. Even though you share the VPS server, it is possible for you to restart your own system without disturbing others.

Cheaper: VPS network is cost-effective as compared to dedicated server.


So, get the cheap VPS web hosting now. With VPS you will not only enjoy enormous storage and bandwidth, such hosting can meet the demand of your busy site. Check out the VPS hosting plans of reputed companies and know about the facilities they will provide.