It might be challenging for you to choose which hosting will be suitable for your business. You might want to use shared hosting if you have a small business. However, what will happen with your business growth? With the increase in website traffic, you can switch to dedicated hosting, but it will take a toll on your business budget. Hence the better option to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting without spending much is to go with VPS hosting.

Like dedicated hosting, VPS allows you to choose your operating system and install the software you want. It also provides the desired security and flexibility to the customers.

Introduction to VPS Hosting

In VPS, the server is divided into multiple sections, each assigned separately to the companies. In this way, companies can get their own space where they can control their operating system, install applications and remain isolated from other companies while remaining on the same server. 

VPS is an upgraded version of shared hosting in which you need to share the resources with other companies.

Why you must choose VPS?

There are multiple reasons for you to switch to Cheap KVM VPS Hosting from shared one. Let’s pen down some of them:

Enhance your website’s reliability.

In shared hosting, the activities of other companies will have an impact on your website’s performance. If your neighboring website experiences a sudden rise in traffic, it may slow down the loading time of your web pages.

Such slow loading time will create a bad impression on your visitors, and you will lose their trust, and in the long run, it will impact the revenue. Moreover, you can also face security issues as your website will be at risk of hacking because all websites are on the same server without isolation.

In VPS hosting, you will get a dedicated environment and resources specifically for your website. Traffic on your neighboring website will never bother you, and you will remain safe in your section. It will enhance the reliability of your website, and you can win the trust of your customers.

Enhance website performance

As discussed earlier, your website will never be down in VPS hosting because of traffic spikes on the neighboring websites. But this is not the only reason for the better performance of VPS hosting. 

In VPS, you can get a larger allotment of resources than shared hosting. You will get better bandwidth, storage and technology. Hence users on your website will get a smooth experience, and this will reduce the bounce rate.

Also, in Cheap VPS Hosting Services, you can easily upgrade the hosting to increase the allotted space if you start getting high traffic on your website. Doing this will allow you to avail extra resources for special brand promotion, events and live chat.

Use the resources in a way you want

It is the biggest advantage of VPS hosting, as you are free to use your resources as per the company’s needs. It is another big difference between VPS and shared hosting, as in shared one; you have little opportunity to manage the resources.

When you sign up for VPS, you will know about resources you can use freely. It allows you to manage resources exclusively for your content or another purpose. Also, you can run multiple websites in the same plan.

Install OS and software you use

Shared hosting provides very little choice in server configuration. As the hosting provider manages shared hosting, the choice of OS and application will depend on them. You won’t even know how the server is set up for your plan.

While in the Cheap VPS Web Hosting plan, you can choose which OS will suit your business and can take help from auto-installer for application development. Even some unmanaged VPS hosting plan provides you with complete freedom related to administration and installation.

Overall all VPS is a boon for web developers, as they can choose the PHP version they want to use or employ node.js for their web development.

Pick the services you want

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, VPS plans allow you to choose the services your business needs. You can choose to go with managed or unmanaged VPS hosting. In unmanaged VPS hosting, you will get complete freedom to configure and manage your hosting, so if you have sound technical knowledge, you can use the unmanaged option to avail yourself of all the freedom.

But if you think it will be a lot of work in unmanaged hosting, you can go with managed option in which your hosting provider will do everything for you, and you can focus on your business. 


When you are ready to go with the VPS hosting, your primary concern can be the pricing, as VPS hosting is a bit costlier than shared hosting. However, you can check the hosting company’s starter options, which can be cheaper than you expect.